A4 Let's Do This Weekly Notepad Planner

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This bright and funky 'Let's Do This' notepad is the perfect way to give yourself some motivation to plan your week! This motivational planner comes with 50 easy-tear paper sheets: That's one for every working-week of the year (including your 2 week annual holiday of course)!

This A4 'Let's Do This' weekly planner had one box for every day of the week, plus another box for those all important notes, or maybe things that you want to add to next week's planner. At the top, is a box for your top-goals to achieve for that week. This is for those goals that either can't be rolled over onto the following week, or maybe are aims for things you should be doing: like drinking more water! Or going on that walk you keep putting off!

The A4 'Let's Do This' weekly planner includes:

- Top-Goals section

- 7 day sections

- 1 notes section

A4 'Let's Do This' weekly planner specs:

- Size: A4 (29.7cm x 21cm )
- 50 easy tear pages (100 gsm)
- Strong greyboard backer

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