Interview With A Maker: James Green

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Interview with a maker: James Green

In our newsletters, we interview our Sheffield Makers to help you better know the businesses you are supporting by shopping with us. And August's interview was the turn of James Green: Printmaker and Sheffield Icon.

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Urban legend has it that almost every house in Sheffield has a James Green print on their wall … So, let’s find out about the man behind the printing block …

An image of James Green wearing an orange jumper and sitting in the open doorway of his printmaking studio.


Hi James. So let’s start with finding out how long you’ve been stocked at the Sheffield Makers Winter Gardens shop:

Since 2016, I think...

A Close up image of  James Green Prints in the Sheffield Makers Winter Gardens Shop

And what’s one thing people might not know about you?

I'm also a musician and I play an instrument called a harmoniflute..

An old picture of a harmonic-flute which looks a little like an accordion with piano-type keys at the top.

How long have you been printmaking, and what’s your favourite thing about it?

Around 16 years.. My favourite thing is probably revealing the first print... it is always exciting.

A close up of a cutting tool on top of a carved piece of Lino that is ready for making prints with.

And what's the most important piece of advice you could give to someone wanting to begin printmaking?

Try as many kinds of printmaking as you can. There are so many to choose from! Maybe take a short course to see what you prefer..

A close up image of a freshly printed Lino print of houses

Finally: Fingers for toes or toes for fingers? 😂🤔

The former, clearly... my job would be a bit more tricky the other way around!

James is holding up a Lino print of birds against a green wall


James Green creates the most wonderful prints. You can buy a selection of poster prints and greetings cards in store at the Sheffield Makers Winter Gardens and online at

Shop Here - a link to the James Green Collection of the Sheffield Makers Website

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